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Available Ad Spaces - Pricing

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Description Dimensions Location Ad Type Buy Monthly Buy Quarterly
Leaderboard 728x90 R.O.S. rotating
Brands Rectangle 336x280 Brands List rotating
Skyscraper 160x600 R.O.S.
(Not on Brands List)
Restaurant Rectangle 336x280 Restaurants static
Home Rectangle 336x280 Home Page static
Small Panel 120x60 R.O.S. static
Search Banner 468x60 Search static

Purchasing ad space per Quarter will SAVE 10% and lock you into a lower CPM for the term !

(Terms: Any 3 consecutive months constitute "a quarter"; any 30 consecutive days constitute "a month".)

  • Ad dimensions are width-by-height in pixels. File size for each banner shall not exceed 20K each.
  • Sample ad placements are general examples. Pages are dynamic and ad placement will vary slightly.
  • For the sake of load speed and reliability, banner images may be hosted locally upon DietFacts.com.
  • Page popularity is as follows: (1) Brands List; (2) Restaurants; (3) Home Page; (4) Search
  • The "R.O.S." designation refers to "Run Of Site", meaning the ad will appear site-wide.
  • Static ads will appear upon the specified page(s) at all times; rotating ads will appear in a random rotation with other ad units.
  • Animated banners are allowed, provided they are tasteful. (Flashing or otherwise obnoxious banners will certainly be rejected.)
  • Once your ad is purchased, payments will be collected automatically and securely through Paypal.
  • DietFacts is owned and operated by Strategic Office Solutions, who will receive your Paypal payment(s).
  • You may cancel at any time after the first full month/quarter.
  • We reserve the right to reject or cancel your advertising at any time, for any reason.
  • DietFacts will not serve ads that promote illegal activity, drugs, or pornography. Ads MUST be fit for minors.
  • If we cancel your advertisement mid-term, you will be issued a partial refund based on number of days remaining in the term.
  • Each time your banner loads constitutes 1 ad view. Your banner will never appear twice on the same page at the same time.
  • Scroll down to see sample banner ad sizes.

Example Banner Ad Sizes

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Small Panel


Visitor Demographics

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These stats are gathered from a variety of reliable sources including Google Analytics, StatCounter and Alexa.

Geographic Location:U.S.A. (95%) Canada
Browsing Location:Away from home1 School
Browser:Internet Explorer Firefox
Age:18-24 yrs2 25-34 yrs
35-44 yrs
Education:College Educated Some College (no degree)
Children:No Children
Referrer:Google search
Time on Site:2 minutes, 36 seconds (average)

1 "Away from home" includes: workplace, library and gym.
2 Visitors under the age of 18 are not included in these stats but most likely constitute less than 1% of our traffic.