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Del Monte ®
28 total items
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    Apricot Halves, Lite, Unpeeled

    Apricot Halves, Unpeeled
    canned in Heavy Syrup

    Cherries, Dark, Sweet, Pitted
    canned in Heavy Syrup

    Chunky Mixed Fruit
    canned in 100% juice from concentrate

    Chunky Mixed Fruit
    canned in Heavy Syrup

    Chunky Mixed Fruit, Lite
    canned in Extra Light Syrup

    Corn, Whole Kernel, Fresh Cut
    golden sweet, canned

    Corn, Whole Kernel, Fresh Cut - No Salt Added
    golden sweet corn (canned)

    D'Italia pasta sauce, four cheese flavor

    Freestone Slices
    yellow Freestone peaches in heavy syrup (canned)

    Fruit Cocktail
    canned in 100% juice from concentrate

    Fruit Cocktail
    canned in Heavy Syrup

    Fruit Cocktail, Lite
    canned in Extra Light Syrup


    Fruit Cup, Cherry Mixed Fruit
    in plastic cup

    Mandarin Oranges
    canned in Light Syrup

    Peaches, Raspberry Flavored, Sliced
    yellow cling peaches in naturally flavored light syrup (canned)

    Pineapple Tidbits, 100% Juice
    canned in its own juice

    Savory Sides - Corn in Butter Sauce
    ready-to-serve vegetables in sauce - golden sweet corn kernels in a delicate butter sauce (canned)

    Savory Sides - Homestyle Vegetable Medley
    ready-to-serve vegetables in sauce - green beans, carrots and potatoes in a savory sauce of white pepper, salt and a hint of nutmeg (canned)

    Savory Sides - Honey Glazed Carrots
    ready-to-serve vegetables in sauce - sweet crinkle-cut carrots glazed with honey, sugar and a touch of brown sugar (canned)

    Savory Sides - Potatoes Au Gratin
    ready-to-serve vegetables in sauce - potatoes mixed with a creamy cheddar cheese sauce (canned)

    Savory Sides - Rio Grande Vegetables
    ready-to-serve vegetables in sauce - pinto beans, tomatoes, golden sweet corn and tangy green chiles in a spicy rich sauce (canned)

    Savory Sides - Santa Fe Corn
    ready-to-serve vegetables in sauce - corn, tomatoes, black beans, red and green bell peppers (canned)

    Sliced Peaches
    yellow cling peaches in 100% real fruit juice from concentrate (canned)

    Sliced Pears, Lite
    Bartlett Pears in extra light syrup (canned)

    Sweet Peas, Fresh Cut

    Tomatoes, Diced with Zesty Mild Green Chilies

    Very Cherry Mixed Fruit
    canned in Light Syrup

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