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    Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack Bar
    rustic rolled oat flapjack with apples and cinnamon

    Bonnie Wee Oatbakes Dips and Dippers
    red onion marmalade with cheese and chive oatbakes

    Boston Baguettes Dip and Dippers
    BBQ relish with tomato breadsticks

    Brooklyn Bites Savory Snack Selection
    poppyseed pretzels, cheese cashews and roasted pumpkin seeds

    Brownie Flapjack Bar
    rustic rolled oat flapjack with brownie chunks

    Chocolate Orange Flapjack Bar
    rustic rolled oat flapjack with chocolate and orange

    Chocolate Pecan Pie Natural Treats
    chocolate fudge, chopped dates and pecan nuts

    Chocolate Pretzels Dip and Dippers
    chocolate sauce with poppyseed pretzels

    Classic Reinvented Hot Cross Yum
    sponge pieces, cinnamon and honey almonds and orange infused raisins

    Cracking Black Peppercorn Savory Snack Selection
    black pepper rice crackers

    Creamy Peach Cobbler Natural Treats
    peach fruit strings, honey almond slivers, amaretti drops and yogurt coated sunflower seeds

    El Picante Savory Snack Selection
    jumbo salted corn, hot chili peanuts and mini paprika breadsticks

    Eleanor's Apple Crumble Natural Treats
    raisins, cinnamon and honey almonds and soft apple pieces

    Fruit and Seed Flapjack Bar
    rustic rolled oat flapjack with mixed seeds and dried fruits

    Fruity Mango Chutney Dip and Dippers
    fruity mango chutney with black pepper dippers

    Herby Bread Basket Savory Snack Selection
    mini basil breadsticks, garlic crostini and oregano rice crackers


    Honeycomb Flapjack Bar
    rustic rolled oat flapjack with honeycomb and chocolate drizzle

    Jalapeno Fiesta Savory Snack Selection
    jalapeno peanuts, roasted sunflower seeds, salsa almonds and roasted pumpkin seeds

    Jalapeno Hot Chips Dip and Dippers
    jalapeno jam with flax tortilla chips

    Japanese Nori Crackers Savory Snack Selection
    Japanese seaweed rice crackers

    Keen Bean Savory Snack Selection
    redskin peanuts, edamame beans and chili broad beans

    Lightly Salted Popcorn

    My Thai Dip and Dippers
    sweet chilli sauce with baked soy bites

    Olive and Rosemary Bruschetta Savory Snack Selection
    mini tomato breadsticks, rosemary and garlic cashews and kalamata olive croutons

    Peanut Butter Dip with Pretzels Dippers
    rough blend peanut butter and pretzel sticks

    Pear Tatin Natural Treats
    pear, raspberry infused cranberries, yogurt coated sunflower seeds and almonds

    Poached Pear Natural Treats
    pear, raisins, vanilla pumpkin seeds and lemon infused raisins

    Pomodoro Rustichella Savory Snack Selection
    mini tomato breadstick, cheese croutons and tomato, basil and oregano almonds

    Salsa Dip with Corn Chips Dippers
    tomato salsa fresca with mini tortilla chips

    Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookie Natural Treats
    baked salted peanuts, fudge pieces, mini chocolate cookies and redskin peanuts

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