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Ian's ®
24 total items
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    4 Cheese Lasagna
    blend of 4 different cheeses, sauce and Italian spices - Low Carb!

    4 Cheese Pizza
    Low Carb!

    Alphatots Fries
    potato puffs in alphabet shapes

    Buffalo Chicken Fingers
    hot and spicy and skinless

    Cheddar Cheese Fries
    star-shaped fries blended with natural aged cheddar cheese

    Cheese Pizza Slices
    all-natural and fully cooked

    Chicken Nugget Meal
    chicken nuggets, strawberry applesauce, a ready-bake brownie and Ian's Alphatots - for microwave or oven

    Chicken Nuggets - Allergen Free
    all-white meat chicken nuggets

    Chicken Patties

    Chicken Pot Pie
    oven-roasted white meat chicken in gravy with peas, carrots and onions in a delicate crust

    Fish Fillets
    with signature Crunchy Crumb


    Fish Stick Meal
    all-natural fish sticks, strawberry applesauce, a ready-bake brownie and all-natural macaroni and cheese - for microwave or oven

    Fish Sticks
    with signature Crunchy Crumb

    Fish Sticks - Allergen Free

    Harvest Fries
    sweet potato fries and colorful Yukon Gold and Viking Purple fries

    Italian Meatballs
    antibiotic and hormone free beef with onions, parmesan cheese and zesty Italian spices

    Mac & Cheese Meal
    macaroni and cheese, strawberry applesauce, a ready-bake brownie and corn - for microwave or oven

    Mozzarella Sticks
    mozzarella cheese wrapped in all-natural breadcrumb and choice Italian seasonings

    Onion Rings & Strings
    sweet onions lightly coated with golden all-natural breadcrumb

    Pizza Meal
    pizza, strawberry applesauce, a ready-bake brownie and corn - for microwave or oven

    Quick Fries
    restaurant-style fries

    Shepherd's Pie - Gluten Free
    cooked ground beef and sweet corn in mushroom gravy, topped with sauteed onion mashed potatoes

    Spinach and 4 Cheese Pizza
    Low Carb!

    Sweet Potato Fries

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