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    Big Franks
    canned vegetarian franks that resemble Polish sausage

    Chicken Supreme
    dry mix

    Chicken Supreme
    frozen veggie corn dog

    frozen chicken-flavored meatless nuggets

    Dinner Cuts
    canned cutlets prepared from wheat and soy protein concentrate in savory sauce

    Fried Chik'n with Gravy
    canned precooked vegetable protein with chicken flavor

    Gravy Quik Fat Free, Brown Gravy
    vegetarian brown gravy mix

    Gravy Quik Fat Free, Chicken Style
    vegetarian gravy mix

    Gravy Quik Fat Free, Mushroom flavor
    vegetarian gravy mix

    Gravy Quik Fat Free, Onion flavor
    vegetarian gravy mix

    Gravy Quik Low Fat, Country Style
    vegetarian gravy mix

    canned veggie hot dogs

    Little Links
    canned breakfast-style meatless sausage


    Low Fat Big Franks
    canned vegetarian franks resembling Polish sausage

    canned ready-to-serve luncheon loaf that is prepared from peanuts and soy flour

    Ocean Platter
    dry mix that has a mild fish-like flavor

    Patty Mix
    dry mix for veggie, meatless patty

    canned vegetable protein

    Sandwich Spread
    canned ready-to-use spread with minced olives, vegetable proteins, and seasonings

    Savory Dinner Loaf
    dry mix for a veggie, meatless loaf

    Soyagen All Purpose
    dry multipurpose soy-based beverage

    Soyagen Carob
    dry multipurpose soy-based beverage

    Soyagen with No Cane or Beet Sugar
    dry multipurpose soy-based beverage

    Swiss Steak
    canned soy patties prepared with vegetable gravy

    Tender Bits
    canned scallop-shaped rounds of vegetable protein that are ideal to add to stews and casseroles

    Tender Rounds
    canned soy protein meatballs in vegetable gravy

    canned wheat protein crumbles

    Vita-Burger Chunks
    dry chunky textured vegetable protein

    Vita-Burger Granules
    dry soy protein granules

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