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    Aloo Methi
    Pommes De Terres Au Feuilles De - a highly popular blend of potatoes and aroma-packed fenugreek leaves (Green methi leaves) relished with Rice and Roti equality well

    Andhra Veg Pulao
    Riz Pilaf a la Mode d' Andhra - a specialty product prepared with rice, vegetables & spices possessing a unique appeal, Ready To Eat, Medium Hot

    a popular South Indian dish with select combination of cooked vegetbles, coconut gravy and choice spice blend, superbly crafted into a magic mix of irresistible appeal, Ready To Eat, Medium Hot

    Bhindi Do Piaza
    Okra aux oignons - a trendy north Indian curry made with combination of pure tomato puree

    Dal Makhani
    Lentilles Makhani, a Punjabi lentil delicacy with butter, onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and spices

    Madras Sambar
    South Indian favourite dish prepared with tur dal, vegetables and spices, medium hot (ready to eat)


    Mango Dal
    Lentilles Aux Mangues Vertes, a tangy South Indian dish combining tur dal with slices of raw mango, medium hot (ready to eat)

    Mutter Paneer
    Petits Pois Et Paneer - a famous Punjabi dish made with green peas and home made cheese

    Palak Dal
    highly delicious dal true to Andhra tradition made with tur dal, spinach leaves and spices, medium hot (ready to eat)

    Palak Paneer
    A popular Indian dish, made with combination of cottage cheese, farm fresh green spinach & selected spices , medium hot (ready to eat)

    Paneer Butter Masala
    Morceaux de fromage blanc frais au beurre et epices - authentic mouth watering north Indian curry of cubes of cottage cheese cooked in natural tomato juice, Ready To Eat, Medium Hot

    Punjabi Chhole
    Pois Chiches Aux Epices, a popular spicy chick peas curry made with exotic spices, medium hot (ready to eat)

    Rajma Masala
    Haricots Rouges ("Rajma") Aux Epices - an excellent nutritious highly popular vegetarian dish made with kidney beans, Medium Hot, Ready to Eat

    Vegetable Chettinad
    Legumes Chettinad - a South Indian dish with effective combination of cooked vegetables & spices in coconut gravy, Ready To Eat, Medium Hot

    Vulava Charu
    popular Andhra-style delicious soup made from lentils of unique taste (ready to eat)

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