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ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen ®
22 total items
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    Brown Rice
    steamed whole grain rice with a subtle nutty flavor

    Charred Corn
    with garlic and sesame

    Chilled Rice Noodles
    refreshing complement to fiery sauces and sizzling vegetables

    Crispy Garlic Topping
    sauteed crunchy garlic

    Crushed Peanuts

    Green Beans
    with roasted chili jam and crispy shallots

    Green Curry Sauce
    coconut milk curry with both sweetness and spice

    Green Papaya Slaw
    chilled green papaya, carrot, and cucumber tossed with peanuts, lime juice, tamarind, and fish sauce

    Grilled Chicken Satay
    Responsibly Raised chicken marinated overnight in coconut milk, lemongrass, spices, and herbs

    Grilled Steak Laab
    Responsibly Raised steak rubbed with dry spices, and grilled with lime, fish sauce, and toasted rice


    Herb Salad Garnish
    a handful of fresh cilantro and Thai basil

    Jasmine Rice
    aromatic staple of kitchens throughout Southeast Asia

    with preserved chilies and vinegar (Seasonal Item)

    Organic Tofu
    from Hodo Soy Beanery tossed with ginger, tamarind, and cilantro

    Pickled Garnish
    daikon, carrot, and cucumber in a tart and tangy Singaporean-style brine

    Pork and Chicken Meatballs
    Responsibly Raised pork and chicken mixed with fresh herbs and roasted until golden brown

    baby kale mixed with crunchy and slightly sweet napa cabbage

    Spicy Red Curry Sauce
    coconut milk curry that gets its serious heat from fiery chilies

    Summer Squash and Thai Basil
    with garlic, chilies, and fresh Thai basil (Seasonal Item)

    Tamarind Vinaigrette
    tart and sweet sauce combining tamarind, lime, and ginger

    Thai Chilies Topping
    spicy minced red Thai chilies

    Toasted Rice
    sauteed and ground into a powder for a nutty taste

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