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    Agra Peas and Greens
    fresh green peas simmered in a sauce of creamed greens, cashew nuts and spices

    Basmati Rice
    fully cooked aromatic delicate rice from India

    Beans Masala and Basmati Rice
    red kidney beans in a rich tomato sauce with onions, garlic and spices

    Bengal Lentils
    whole lentils cooked in light gravy of aromatic herbs and spices

    Bombay Potatoes
    potatoes and chick peas slow-cooked in a sauce of tomatoes, onions and spices

    Brown Rice
    fully cooked hearty brown rice with inherent vitamins, minerals, and fiber

    Good Korma Simmer Sauce
    spices, cashews and coconut

    Jaipur Vegetables
    garden vegetables and cubes of paneer cheese simmered with spices, cashew nuts and raisins

    Jasmine Rice
    fully cooked fragrant rice of Thailand

    Jodphur Lentils
    yellow lentils flavored with spices and slow-cooked to a creamy texture

    Kashmir Spinach
    curried spinach lightly sauteed with cubes of paneer cheese

    Kerala Vegetables
    hearty vegetables in a spicy coconut stew

    Long Grain Rice
    fully cooked long grain rice

    Madras Lentils
    lentils and red kidney beans in a creamy sauce of onions, tomatoes, ginger and spices

    Massaman Vegetables
    hearty vegetables in a deliciously spicy peanut-coconut sauce

    Mexican Fiesta Pilaf
    rice cooked with onions, jalapenos, tomatoes and chilies


    Multigrain Pilaf
    wheat grain, millet, soy beans seasoned with onions, tomatoes, garlic, and spices

    Pad Thai Simmer Sauce
    sauce of peanuts, onions, tamarind and chilies

    Paneer Makhani
    home-style paneer cheese in a creamy, spiced sauce

    Peas Paneer
    green peas and paneer cheese simmered with onions, tomatoes, spices and herbs

    Pesto Pilaf
    rice cooked in a classic pesto sauce

    Punjab Eggplant
    braised eggplant cooked in a distinctively flavored sauce

    Red Curry
    flavorful sauce with bamboo shoots, beans, basil, herbs

    Rendang Vegetables
    lemongrass, coconut and vegetable stew infused with Thai spices

    Rogan Josh Simmer Sauce
    steamy mix of tomatoes, chilies, ginger and fennel

    Satay Partay Simmer Sauce
    peanuts, lemongrass and coconut

    Satay Vegetables
    garden vegetables in a spicy peanut sauce

    Spinach Dal
    spinach cooked with yellow lentils and lightly spiced

    Spinach Soy
    sauteed spinach and fresh soybeans in a lightly seasoned sauce

    Sprouts Curry and Basmati Rice
    sprouted beans, green peas, lentils, slow-cooked with onions, ginger and spices

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