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Dear Friends,

    Thank you all for the positive feedback that DietFacts has received over the past 17 years!  No matter whether you have health concerns, fitness goals, or just a general curiosity, I sincerely hope that you find the information on DietFacts helpful.

    Gathering data from food labels and nutrition guides has been a pet project of mine since 1995, when my father was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.   He was frustrated with trying to locate foods that fit into his newly prescribed diet... and not knowing the nutritional content of his favorite restaurant foods.

    In April 2002, I decided to turn this project into a website so that Dad --and other diabetics-- could utilize the information I've collected.  I'm very happy to be able to share my database and *hopefully* help other people.

    Now I could use your help...  Making a small donation to DietFacts.com will help pay its hosting fees and other expenses.  Please help me keep this service as it was intended: FREE FOR EVERYONE !

Thanks again,          

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NOTE:   DietFacts does business under the name STRATEGIC OFFICE SOLUTIONS.   (This name will appear on the PayPal screen, as the "Pay To" party.)   We are a small, family-operated business located in Southern Illinois.  For more information, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.


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